Marketing - DRAFT

The GraphQL Foundation Marketing Committee, reconstituted in January 2023, plays a crucial role in orchestrating and executing marketing initiatives in support of the Foundation and its various projects. As part of the GraphQL Foundation Board’s efforts, the Marketing Committee collaborates with several other committees, all dedicated to working on new and exciting projects planned for this year. Announcements about these programs and projects will be released throughout 2023.

This repository serves as a centralized platform for the marketing committee’s efforts, including:

Marketing Planning

The plans directory contains documents and resources related to the overall marketing strategy and objectives for GraphQLConf. This includes target audiences, messaging, and channels.


The assets directory contains marketing artifacts, such as graphics, banners, social media images, and other promotional materials that can be used across various platforms and channels.


The issues section of the repository is used for tracking tasks, requests, and discussions related to marketing activities. Committee members can create new issues, assign them to collaborators, and track their progress.


The discussions section serves as a platform for open conversations, brainstorming sessions, and knowledge sharing among marketing committee members and other stakeholders. Topics can range from campaign ideas to feedback on promotional materials.

GraphQL Foundation Marketing Plan 2023

For an overview of the GraphQL Foundation’s marketing strategy and objectives for 2023, please refer to the GraphQL Foundation Marketing Plan 2023 document. This is an initial draft plan and outlines the goals, target audiences, and initiatives for promoting and expanding the GraphQL ecosystem throughout the year.


We welcome and appreciate contributions from the community! If you’d like to get involved with the marketing committee or have ideas to share, please feel free to open an issue, start a discussion, or submit a pull request.

More details on new projects and programs for 2023 will be released soon. Watch this README for updates.

The Marketing Committee maintains transparency in its operations, making meeting agendas and minutes openly accessible in the meetings/ directory. Once our regular meetings are scheduled, this README will be updated with the dates and times along with adding them to the Foundation’s public calendar.


Meeting Time Host
Marketing Weekly Tue, 11:30am - 12:30pm EDT Doc Jones

Check the meeting time in your timezone

This will be the 1st meeting of the Marketing Committee. Meeting will recur on the same day/time until at least June 2023.Follow directions for attending.

Meetings are typically scheduled at the times listed, however always check the agenda for the exact date and time of an upcoming meeting. Keep track of future upcoming meetings by subscribing to the Google Calendar or ical.

Meeting transcripts and summaries will be captured by an automated note taker. Summaries will be made available in the meetings directory of this repository immediately following each meeting.

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